Instructional Planning Panel

Questions for discussion:

1. Is there a need of instructional planning?

2. What is instructional planning?

3. What kind of planning (if any) is needed in constructivist environments?

4. What kind of goals guide the planning?

5. What techniques may be appropriate?

How to participate?

Those, who are interested to participate, please, send an e-mail to the organizer in which they state their viewpoint on Instructional Planning by answering to the four questions listed above and /or propose new questions.

Please, try if possible, to give a short justification for your answers (either from your own work and experience or references to literature).

Organization of the Panel:

From all people who answer, five will be selected who have strongest or most arguable positions. They will be invited to present their viewpoints at the panel. All other participants will be divided into "teams" supporting one or another viewpoint on each question. We hope that this will stimulate an active discussion.

Please, send your viewpoints to the panel organizer,

Julita Vassileva, Federal Armed Forces University Munich, 85577 Neubiberg, Germany