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FP6 Project REKS

Conference with international participation "The Researcher - a factor for the development of the knowledge society"

28-29 November 2005 Sofia

The Conference is organised from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in collaboration with Plovdiv University "Paisij Hilendarski", Trakia University, Technical University - Varna, Rousse University "Angel Kanchev" with the financial assistance of the European Commission within the 2005 Researchers in Europe Initiative.

The aim of the conference is to raise the awareness of the Bulgarian society on the profession and the role of the scientists in the knowledge society and economy. The conference is open for participation of researchers, lecturers, teachers, businessmen, public servants, students, doctoral students, etc.

The main topics of the conference include:

  • EC and Bulgarian policy for researchers
  • International and intersectorial mobility of researchers
  • Science, education and business - ways for collaboration
  • Women and young people in science

The last concluding session of the conference will place the researcher in the focus. A survey on the researchers' profession carried out recently will be presented.



FP6 Project REKS

Awareness raising rally

Plovdiv – Stara Zagora – Varna – Rousse
20-29 September 2005


1-3 December 2005 Warsaw , Poland


( under the Academic Internet Television Network Showcases the Best of Good Practice Activities project)

The goal of the ATVN-EU-GP Conference is to promote “Best Practice Projects”. Conference will give an unique opportunity to see presentations of the best practice projects (with participation of NMS, ACC and NIS) funded by EU, to exchange new scientific ideas in selected IST areas ( e-learning, e-business, e-government, e-health) and to meet future partners of the projects. It is important step in preparation for future international co-operation and participation of organizations from NMS, ACC and NIS in the European projects. During the Conference at least 16 projects will be presented. Four the best projects will be selected in an open contest. The best projects will be prize-winning by production the audio/video programs, which will be shown by www.atvn.pl and placed on the multimedia on-demand library as a beginning of the archive showcases the best of good practices projects from EU. The conference will be also forum for presentation of papers in selected IST areas.

For more details, please visit the conference website: http://www.atvn-eu-gp.pl/conferen/index.htm

The World Year of Physics (WYP 2005) is a worldwide celebration of physics and its importance in our everyday lives.
Physics not only plays an important role in the development of science and technology but also has a tremendous impact on our society. WYP aims to raise the worldwide awareness of physics and physical science.

The 2005 ‘Researchers in Europe' Initiative

Presentation Note


The need to dispose of abundant and well trained human resources in European research has become a matter of increasing urgency and political commitment. Highlighted in the Commission's Communication of January 2000 ( COM(2000) 6 final of 18 January 2000 ) as an essential tool to implement the European Research Area, it has likewise been emphasised in the Lisbon and Barcelona European Councils, which have set two major policy objectives for the end of the decade, namely to make Europe by 2010 the most competitive and dynamic knowledge economy in the world and to devote an average of 3 % of the Member States' GDP to research, two-thirds of which originating from the private sector.

These commitments, which have been re-emphasised since in all Spring European Councils, will inevitably have strong implications on the situation of researchers in Europe. The fulfilment of the so-called 3 % objective alone will require no less than 700.000 new researchers, in addition to the renewal of the rapidly ageing research population.

Following the Lisbon and Barcelona mandates, the Commission, together with the Member States and candidate countries, has taken a series of initiatives in order to improve the EU's attractiveness for research talent from all over the world, remove obstacles to the mobility of researchers ( COM(2001) 331 final of 20 June 2003 ) and enhance careers in research at European level ( COM(2003) 436 final of 18 July 2003 ) . In this context, the need to raise the public awareness about the role of researchers in society and to attract more young people into scientific careers appears to play a central role.

It is proposed consequently to organise during 2005 a large awareness campaign in Europe under the theme : “The 2005 ‘Researchers in Europe' Initiative”.


The specific objectives of the Initiative will be :

* to improve and promote a better public understanding of the contribution of researchers to society, in terms of innovation, job creation, competitiveness and economic growth;

* to encourage more young people to embark on careers in R&D and contribute thereby to increase the number of researchers in Europe

* to contribute to the overall attractiveness of the EU as a reference area for research talent from all over the world and raise awareness of the potential of the European Research Area as a European Employment market for researchers.

The European Commission will offer in this respect, during a given period of time (6 months) a global platform where all stakeholders involved – students, teachers, parents, businesses, academic institutions, research organisations, public authorities, foundations etc. – will have the opportunity to express and exchange views on the contribution of researchers to society, as well as to promote the above objectives, in particular the need to foster the researcher's profession


Conceived as a large and multi-faceted awareness operation , the 2005 ‘Researchers in Europe' Initiative will be structured around two main pillars :

- events organised at European level, including : a European launch event, a European Researchers' Night, and a large scale closing conference and event bringing together the conclusions and recommendations put forward during the Initiative

- activities put forward by stakeholders at local, regional, national and international level. These activities will be the purpose of an open call for proposals (FP6-2004-Mobility-13), to be published in the European Community Official Journal on 11 September 2004 (closing date : 2 December 2004). The call will be open to all interested actors including schools, libraries, science museums, laboratories and research organisations, academic institutions, businesses, pubic authorities, associations, and the media. The activities proposed must be geared towards contributing to the overall objectives of the Initiative. Information about the call will be displayed on Cordis.


The Initiative will be launched in May/June 2005 and last until November.


The idea of proposing a European-wide Initiative focusing on researchers is expected to attract considerable attention and impact. The ongoing debate in several EU countries about the funding of research often encompasses the issue of human resources and the impact of researchers on society.

The current interest generated by the human resource debate paves the way consequently for a potentially considerable outreach, with extended discussion opportunities and policy implications. It concerns above all a large range of possible actors and opens the opportunity to engage the public at large, including the media, in this debate.



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