from Eurologo'97

Sixth European Logo Conference
Budapest, Hungary
August 20-23, 1997


Celia and Richard clashing (their) cultures


Ivan Kalas: I beg your pardon, turtles
The turtle (hidden): It's O.K., once you are in the middle of a Logo environment


Bojidar and Jenny tuning their duo to the environment


Ready for the great MATCh


When the first row moves to the scene ...


Peter presented a lot to hear


Andrea tells the 20th reason for using Boxer instead of Logo


Marta passes the Eurologo fire to the Bulgarians.


Marta to Ilana: I'll see your smile in 1999 ...


Jenny explains to Wally that the non-functional machines are Bulgarian invention


Some view Logo as a Theater


Andy and Brian negotiate with the organizers of Eurologo'99 to be recognized as honorable Europeans


A real Hungarian goulash after the spiritual food

To Eurologo'99
FD distance [HUN BG]



Brian Harvey explains to the Russians the advantages of the socialist system
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