Accepted papers

Ignacio Aedo, Paloma Diaz, Fivos Panetsos, Marta Carmona, Sonia Ortega, Elisa Huete
A hypermedia tool for teaching primary school concepts to adults

Marcos Augusto F. Borges, Cecilia C. Baranauskas
The user as a partner in the design of an interface for a training system

Rosa Maria Bottino, Giampaolo Chiappini
User action and social interaction mediated by direct manipulation interfaces

Paul Brna, Rob Aspin
Collaboration in a Virtual World: Support for Conceptual Learning?

Betty Collis
WWW-Based Environments for Collaborative Group Work: Implications from and for HCI Research

Darina Dicheva, Ivanka Djakova
Interface Metaphors: the Case of a WWW-Based Distance Learning Business English Course

Carolyn Dowling
Mentors, Magicians, Worlds or Wooden Legs: some images of human computer interaction in educational contexts

Xavier Dubourg, Philippe Teutsch
Interface Design Issues in Interactive Learning Environments

Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon, Alfredo Fernandez-Valmayor
Building Educational Tools based on Formal Concept Analysis

Vladimir A. Fomichov, Olga S. Fomichova
About computer and formal tools for supporting methods of emotional-imaginative teaching languages

Paola Forcheri, Maria Teresa Molfino
An approach to the design of learner-centered tools for continuos training in SME

Stéphanie Jean, Élisabeth Delozanne, Pierre Jacoboni, Brigitte Grugeon
PépiTest, a software to establish the cognitive profile of the students in elementary algebra

Jerinic Ljubomir, Devedzic Vladan, Lomic Marijana
Extended Architecture of the Control Knowledge in Intelligent Tutoring Shell

Jean McKendree, Finbar Dineen, John Lee
Supporting Student Discussions: It Isn't Just Talk

Margaret M. McManus, Robert M. Aiken
Improving Collaborative Learning through Information Technology

Roumen Nikolov, Krassen Stefanov
A Virtual Learning Environment for Doing Business on the Internet

Ossi Nykänen, Martti Ala-Rantala
A Design for a Hypermedia-Based Learning Environment

Pouts-Lajus Serge, Occam Bessiere Christian
Concept Maps as design tools and as learner interface

Clark N. Quinn
Supporting Development: Applied Cognitive Design

Heli Ruokamo-Saari, Seppo Pohjolainen
Pedagogical issues for the design of a Hypermedia-Based Learning Environment (HBLE)

Ivan Stanchev
HCI issues for Web-Based Training course design

John Tiffin
Issues in the Design of a HyperClass

Pasi Hakkinen, Kari Suomela
Development of the hypermedia course: Introduction to university level mathematics

Gérard Weidenfeld
Interactions based on information in a distance learning action

Martyn Wild
Designing instructional multimedia: Creating a new rationale based on performance rather than learning

Martyn Wild, Clark N. Quinn
Theoretical perspectives on the design of instructional multimedia

Bert Zwaneveld
Knowledge graphs in mathematics education