A two-year (1996 -1998) EC INCO-Copernicus research and development project
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Project overview


The consortium consists of three business and four academic partners:  
  • Pliroforiki Technognosia, Athens, Greece (project coordinator)
  • Addison Wesley Longman Logotron, United Kingdom
  • A. W. Bruna Uitgevers B.V., The Netherlands
     Scope      Aim      Target group        Layers   MATCh authoring environment  consists of the following tools:
  • Frame Editor - a tool which allows the user to create, modify and use graphics and images in MATCh applications.   
  • Sound Editor - a tool which allows the user to import, record, modify and play speech, sounds and music.   
  • Story Editor - the major component of the MATCH authoring engine: a tool which allows the user to combine  the results produced by the other editors (i.e., graphics, animation, sound, music, etc.) in order to produce multimedia stories.  A model for the story is designed, easy enough to be understood by children. In general, a story is a set of inter-linked multimedia pages. It can be used in two modes: Run and Edit. Each page can have static elements (background, images, buttons, texts) and dynamic elements (animated actors). Each element can have its own agenda: list of actions to be carried out when the user clicks with the mouse on this element in Run mode. There is a graphic scripting language to specify the agendas in Edit mode. The Animation Editor is a separate tool called by the Story editor to make animations. Each animation is a set of states, associated with different angle dimensions. For each angle dimension there is a set frames with corresponding delays. 
  • Web editor -a tool which enables the user to create WWW pages from the static part of a MATCh story. 
Three multimedia applications   Other MATCh WWW pages

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