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About Me

I am Bulgarian, female, working as associate professor in informatics at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

My Family

I am lucky to have an understanding husband (who is a colleague as well) and two sons who make my life happy and busy. We live in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria - and when life becomes too intensive, we escape to some of our gorgeous mountains or to the beautiful Black Sea. We all speak English and like friends and traveling.

Where I studied and work

University of Sofia
(main building)


Academic Background and Qualification



In Bulgaria: Courses for undergraduate and graduate students and in-service teachers:


Research Areas

Project activities

Other activities

Areas of Interest

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List of Publications

Mailing address: Iliana Nikolova, FMI-KIT, P.B. 48, 5 J. Bouchier, Sofia 1164, BULGARIA
tel/fax: (+359-2) 8656-157, tel. (+359-2) 6256-535
E-mail: iliana@fmi.uni-sofia.bg
Internet homepage: http://www-it.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/aboutus/iliana/

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