Spring 2004 Version

With this course we are offering you to learn how to set up a business on the Internet and how to use Internet for your own business - for communicating, selling, marketing, doing research, developing human resources, establishing customer relations, banking, etc. You are free to set your own learning direction and will have enough control on the learning process. With the final project you will demonstrate your own ability to use the necessary skills and to publish your own ideas into the Course Web pages.

The course starts on 28th of May . Important dates:

  • 14.06 - Working on the first three modules: reading the content, submitting assignments.
  • 21.06 - Assignment(s) for the 4th module submitted and course project started.
  • 28.06 - Assignment(s) for the 5th module submitted.
  • 05.07 - All assignments submitted.
  • 16.07 - Course project submitted.