Assignment 1.9: Inserting Animated GIF to HTML

You want to place animated GIF to HTML. How to do it? In this assignment you will learn this.

Aim of this assignment:
Learn how to insert animated GIF to HTML.

Insert some animated GIFs to HTML with simple text editor.
In this assignment we'll use predefined animated GIFs. The names and descriptions of these GIFs you can find in table below.

Animated GIF name Description
animation1.gif The first animated GIF from animated GIF example.
animation2.gif The second animated GIF from animated GIF example.
animation3.gif In this animated GIF is represented dove with @ symbol in his beak. This GIF you can use for your e-mail link.
animation4.gif The animated GIF with book. This GIF you can use for your guestbook link.
animation5.gif The animated GIF with hammer and nail. This GIF you can use to show, that you page is under construction.

Animated GIF inserting to HTML is similar to image inserting. For example, you can insert animated GIF to HTML with IMG tag:
<IMG SRC="animation1.gif">. Tag IMG must be inserted between and tags.
Note: the file names of images are case-sensitive.

Work steps:
  1. Try to add one or more animated GIFs.

  2. Align the GIFs, combine them with text.

  3. Use the elements from previous activities (text, table, images).

  4. Make some links to your favorites sites.

HTML Source

Now you know how to place animated GIF to HTML and can create web pages with some dynamic.

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