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Bulgaria, June 9-13, 1998

 Special emphasis will be placed on (but not limited to) the following principal topics: 

  • Public Administration
  • Teleworking
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Education
  • Research Collaboration

     Conference programme

 The Conference, traditionally called Information Technologies and Programming, will focus in 1998 on the Global Information Society. The Conference programme will include 60 or 30- minute lectures, presentations of reviewed papers, discussions, a poster session, and demonstrations. 
A Forum, some workshops, and presentations of European Commission RTD projects will be included in the Conference programme.  
 The presentation of papers by young researchers and post-graduate students as well as researchers from East and Central Europe is especially encouraged. 

 Joint event

 The first issue of the annual international conference Deep Green'98 (DG'98) will be held from 10 to 12 June 1998 in conjunction with IT&P'98. DG'98, with the general theme "The Global/Local Information Society", aims to further communication and understanding between the people and the information technologists in the areas of public administration, education, and research collaboration. Visit Deep Green. 
 These two conferences are a good opportunity for the foreign specialists to support the development of the Information Society in Bulgaria and to make contacts with Bulgarian specialists.  

 Call for Workshops

 The Programme Committee accepts suggestions to organize workshops on particular subjects related to the Information Society.