Strengthening the IST Research Capacity of Sofia University


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The overall performance of the project will be underpinned by the project management and coordination activities, which are structured in the following work packages (WPs):

  • WP1: Definition of an ICT RTDI Strategy of FMI.
  • WP2a: Strengthening the Capacity of FMI in Software and Services.
  • WP2b: Strengthening the Capacity of FMI in Intelligent Content and Semantics.
  • WP3: Strengthening the interdisciplinary skills of FMI staff and the technology environment.
  • WP4: Dissemination and promotion.
  • WP5: Management and control.

The project duration will be 36 months.

The Initial phase will focus on strategic planning and providing a framework for the implementation of the whole project, and for further research at FMI. In the project using foresight methodology will be determined research areas of strategic importance and present strengths for FMI where to concentrate more resources and areas where to keep a small potential. For the selected two ICT areas, a joint research agenda will be developed at this stage, and a framework for research of PhD students and Post Docs, exchange of experienced researchers, and developing new collaborative projects.

The major part of the working activities of the SISTER project will be completed during the Implementation phase. The results of the initial phase will underpin the implementation phase – providing a framework for further capacity building and strategic networking in the area of ICT, as well as on determining research areas for future projects under FP7 or other Community programmes. During this phase, there will be a focus, on first place, on strengthening the research capacity of individual researchers – using mobility schemes, research and training seminars or opening new research and PhD positions. Second, an emphasis will be paid on research collaboration and building strategic long-term partnerships in the areas of strategic importance. It will be focused on the collaboration with other universities and research labs, and with industrial partners. Third, the technological basis of FMI will be improved significantly, and new software engineering lab and PhD computer lab will be established. Finally, the capacity of FMI will be strengthened towards better information and knowledge management, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and innovation. During the whole implementation phase SISTER will assess its advancement towards the ICT research objectives, identified in the RTDI Strategy, and will take the necessary actions to improve its performance.

The project implementation will concentrate on the following groups of activities:

  • Developing and validating a RTDI Strategy for FMI;
  • Networking with other universities and research centres;
  • Hiring of new young researchers to reinforce the human potential of FMI;
  • Renewal of S&T equipment;
  • Two-ways mobility visits;
  • Research and training seminars;
  • Summer schools;
  • Conferences;
  • Research and PhD web-based information system;
  • Sharing digital content.
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", FMI