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Project Summary

The main goal of U*NIGHT project is to raise public recognition of researchers and to encourage young people in Bulgaria to embark on a technology and scientific careers.

The following project objectives are defined:

  • to improve the appreciation of researchers as professionals and personalities by the general public and by young people, in particular;
  • to raise the public understanding of the contribution of researchers to social and economic progress and development;
  • to make technology and science and the respective careers attractive for young people.

U*NIGHT will take place on a public holiday in Bulgaria - the Independence day, and will provide opportunity to people to celebrate with researchers. Supported by the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and the Union of Physics in Bulgaria, the activities in Sofia, Rousse, Varna and Stara Zagora will expose to the public the researchers from two very important scientific areas - Technology and Physics.

The project activities comprise a well targeted and rich communication strategy at both, national and regional levels in Bulgaria , focused on researchers personality, their scientific and technology achievements and contributions to economy and society. They complement the EU continuous efforts of making Europe attractive for researchers and bringing researchers and science closer to society, and young people in particular.




Contact us

National Mobilty Center
e-mail: mobility@fmi.uni-sofia.bg
tel.: +359 2 9713509
fax.: +359 2 9713543