DEMAND: DEsign, implementation and MANagement of telematics based Distance education

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Activity 1: Project Management

1.1. Strategic orientation, Project coordination and Management on an International level
1.2. Project Coordination and Management on a National Level
1.3. Project Coordination and Management on Institutional Levels
Activity 2:  Methodology and Tools Design
2.1. Overview of existing telematics based courses, methodology and tools
2.2. Resume of DEMAND course design methodology
2.3. Course wizard developed
Activity 3:  Design and development of a DEMAND course
3.1. Target group needs analysis
3.2. Design of course curriculum and content of units
3.3. On-going development, evaluation and refinement of the course units
Activity 4:  Design and development of WWW site for the course
4.1. Web site design and implementation
4.2. Printed learning materials prepared
4.3. Web-based materials developed
4.4. CD-based learning materials produced
Activity 5:  Distance Learning (DL) Services preparation and integration
5.1. Equipment purchased, installed and/or leased
5.2. Delivery Environment analyzed, developed and implemented
5.3. DL services implemented
5.4. DL services tests recommendations
Activity 6:  Course trials
6.1. Tutors and teachers trained
6.2. Distance course experimental delivery
6.3. Course validation
Activity 7:  Distance course marketing and dissemination
7.1. Joint International Seminars and other dissemination activities carried out
7.2. Links established with potential users from industry and education
The pilot version of the Distance Education Course
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