DEMAND: DEsign, implementation and MANagement of telematics based Distance education

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Khan, B. (1997). Web-Based Instruction. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632.( ISBN: 0-87778-296-2 (hard cover) and 0-87778-297-0 (softcover))  
Collis, B. (1996). Tele-Learning in a Digital World: The Future of Distance Education. International Thompson Computer Press. (ISBN: 1-85032-157-4)  
Niederest, J. (1998). Designing for the Web. Sebastopol:  O'Reilly & 
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Williams, R. and J.Tolleet. (1998). The Non-Designer's Web Book. 
Berkeley, California: Peachpit Press. (ISBN 0-201-68859-X) 
Internet resources: 

(recommended by Svetoslav Stoyanov)

Virtual Education Manifesto  
The WDVL: Site Map 
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents 

Guidelines for Web Design - Web Design Process   
Web Development: Processes   
Web Page Design for Designers - Home Page   
Designing and Creating a World Wide Web Page   
SilverStream Software Inc.   
Welcome to Engines for Education   
Sage Interactive   
Special Considerations for Designing Internet Based Instruction   
Models for Instructional Design   
Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web   
Distance Education Lit Review   
Issues in Distance Learning   
EduWeb - The Leading Internet Education Service providing education resources for teachers and pupils   
ILTweb5: Internet: Guides: Education  

(recommended by Rein Ruubel)

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