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Bulgaria’s Performance in the European Innovation Scoreboard,
Prof. Rossitsa Chobanova, Economic Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Balanced score-card for the implementation of Bulgaria’s e-government strategy,
Mr. Kamen Spassov Coordination Center for Information, Communication and Management Technologies, Council of Ministers

Building and Preserving e-skills,
Dr. Elissaveta Gurova Centre of Information Society Technologies, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

The e-Bulgaria Report – gauging the state of information society development,
Mr. Todor Yalamov, IT Group Coordinator, ARC Fund

Overcoming the shortage of ICT skills – an important condition for developing a knowledge economy,
Mr. Martin Bankov, Manager, Education Programs, Microsoft-Bulgaria

Competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy based on wider àpplication of high technologies,
Ms. Sasha Bezouhanova, Vice President, Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA)

The strategy for development of the Bulgarian ICT industry,
Mr. Orlin Kouzov, CEO, ICT Development Agency, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Innovation in knowledge-based services,
Mr. Georgi Sharkov, President, Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM)

The Four Knowledge Economy ‘Pillars’ of the World Bank,
Mr. Jean-Eric Aubert, Lead Specialist, WBI Knowledge for Development, The World Bank Institute

The need for an integrated approach to knowledge economy policies – open and integrated networks,
Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Economic Program Coordinator, Center for the Study of Democracy

The role of knowledge economy for economic growth,
Mr. Mincho Karavastev, Bulgarian National Bank

Financial framework for the knowledge economy,
Mr. Lubomir Datsov, Deputy Minister of Finance

Investment in knowledge as a commitment to growth,
Mr. Pavel Ezekiev, President, Foreign Investment Agency

PRO INNO – Opportunities for Bulgarian-German cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Applied Research,
Ms. Maria Stefanova-Pavlova, Executive Director, Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer - Global

Technology Transfer Networks,
Mr. Georgi Voutev, GIS Transfer Center,
Ms. Stella Dimitrova, IRC – Bulgaria,
Mr. Mircho Mirchev, MSI-Bulgaria

Challenges to education in the knowledge economy,
Dr. Roumen Nikolov, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Factors for success and failure of information society policies in the EU regions,
Mrs. Corina Pascu, European Commission, Joint Research Center –Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC/IPTS)

The value of human capital and intangible assets,
Mr. Mario Spatafora, General Secretary, EFFEBI - Finance&Banking Association and Professor in Training and Organizational Development at the III University in Rome

Macroeconomic outlook to the knowledge economy,
Mr. Georgi Stoeff, Industry Watch

Building innovation capacity through business incubation systems,
Dr. Panagiotis Damaskopoulos, Executive Director, European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR), Paris, France

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