Master of Science in Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) is a program of Stevens Institute of Technology - an American private institute, world-recognized for the high quality of its IT and business-oriented education. The program is delivered in Sofia, jointly with the oldest and biggest Bulgarian University - Sofia University "St . Kliment Ohridski".

The deadline has been extended!

The Program

The MSIS program offers a unique combination of courses and expertise, bringing together successfully business and global management topics and IT specialization. The program aims to prepare future IT leaders in the region through innovative and practice-based training.

  • A masters degree in IT management of the highest order from one of the world leader universities in the field;
  • Combination of twelve courses, taken over one and a half year period, out of working time;
  • A mix of lectures, cases, individual and team projects, and participant presentations;
  • A professional degree that integrates information and organizational cultures with emphasis on the contribution of IT professionals to solution of business problems;
  • A joined team of American and Bulgarian instructors with substantial corporate experience and academic qualifications;
  • An outstanding environment where students get hands-on experience in the solutions to real business problems.

Separate courses

The program gives possibilities for attending separate courses as auditors. Auditors benefit from all learning experiences offered to regular students, but are exempt from written assignments and exams. In addition, attended courses do not bring credits towards the full MSIS program.

Benefits to students

  • Latest knowledge in IT management, presented by some of the leading American and Bulgarian lecturers and business consultants in the field
  • Improved communication, interpersonal and team skills
  • Experience of an exciting, interactive learning environment
  • Becoming part of a growing group of top IT professionals (MSIS alumni) and forming valuable new relationships

Benefits to companies

  • High quality training for the company IT experts in the latest developments of IT management theory and practice, delivered outside of working hours
  • Improved capability of the IT experts to communicate and cooperate effectively with non-IT personnel
  • Opportunities to see solutions to some of the company pressing problems as part of the students’ assignments and project work.
  • Opportunities to receive free consultancy advice from world class american lecturers-consultants (true also for firms sending auditors to single courses).