Goals of the Programme
Possible Professions for the Graduates
Requirements to the Teachers
Requirements to the Students


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Goals of the Programme

The overall goal of the programme Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is to provide theoretical and practical expertise of informatics specialists for the efficient application of the modern ICT to problems arising in real-word organizational settings.

Possible Professions for the Graduates

After completing the full educational cycle the graduates from the ICT will have the necessary background of theoretical knowledge and practical skills so as to work as:

  • software developers on the basis of modern ICT;
  • expert (consultants, evaluators) of development and use of modern ICT;
  • trainers of specialists of different organisations and firms on applying the modern ICT in their respective fields;
  • designers of systems for different users, including in the field of communication and information technologies.
  • managers at different levels in hte field of ICT;
  • university lecturers and researchers;
  • specialists actively using ICT in other fields.

Requirements to the Teachers

Every lecturer prepares in advance a framework of his course together with lecture notes or reader. The lecturers determine the organisation, the methods of education and the type of examination. The interactivity during the educational process is strongly recomended. Students' creativity when soling specific problems as well as team work on progects are encouraged. Tutors provide on-going scientific and methodical guidance during the development of the diploma projects based on real-word problems.

Requirements to the Students

The evaluation of the participants in the courses is based on their activity in the educational process, on the quality of the projects developed by them and on the way these projects are presented and defended. The education finished normally with diploma work. The educational materials are available and a good knowledge of English language is recommended.

Team of the Specialisation:

The team of lecturers consists of representatives of the University of Sofia, University of Twente and other educational institutions in Bulgaria.

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Roumen Nikolov
Head of Department of Information Technologies,
Head of MSc Programme ICT

Trayan Iliev - Contact person

5,James Bouchier blvd., 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
phone: (+ 359 2) 8 656 157,
fax: (+ 359 2) 8 656 157