European Day of the Entrepreneur 2005
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Entrepreneurship in universities:
Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski
City University of Seattle


This panel session envisages presentation of Sofia University with Master program Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovations in IT.


The Master program is established in co-operation with Berkeley, University of California and Intel.


This program enlarges students knowledge in the fields of management and entrepreneurship, international standards for starting up business in IT, strategies for implementation of Hi Tech information products, management of innovation process and transfer of knowledge, strategies for development and growth.


City University of Seattle with Master program in business Administration, MBA and Graduate Certificate programs.


MBA is designed to give response to the challenges faced mainly by working professionals. Currently a specialization in the following areas is available:

  • Financial Management
  • General Management
  • Marketing


Graduate Certificate programs are delivered for those who would like to only gain insight in a specific field and who do not require a MBA degree in its entirety or has already graduated from a similar program.


Your opinion and participation in the discussion on presented programs will support their future development.


For contacts and additional information:
Svetlana Dimitrova
CIST, SU St.Kl.Ohridski
l.: (02) 9713509; 9713543
e-mail: svetlana {-at-}

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", FMI