European Day of the Entrepreneur 2005
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Expert panel workshop

Definition of ICT Research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) Strategy of FMI

30-31 October 2008

Inter Expo centre, 147, Tzarigradsko shosse Blvd.

Preliminary Program

Thursday, 30 October 2008
14.00-14.10 Opening of the workshop
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Roumen Nikolov
Short presentation of the WP1 activities and workshop agenda
14.10-15.45 Technology-based challenges for Bulgarian universities
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Roumen Nikolov
ICT policy and development trends and challenges in Bulgaria, Georgi Prangov, DAITC
EU opportunities for research, innovation and education, Mrs. Totka Chernaeva, DAITC
FMI draft RTDI strategy, Assoc. Prof. Maria Nisheva
15.45-16.15 Coffee Break
16.15-18.00 Strategy and action plan for ICT research, innovation and education for FMI within SISTER project
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Maria Nisheva
Research topics, methodology and Action plan of WP2a "Software and Services", Assoc. Prof. Silvia Ilieva
Action plan of WP2b "Intelligent Content and Semantics", Assoc. Prof. Krassen Stefanov
Action plan of WP3 "Interdisciplinary skills of FMI researchers and networking with industry", Assoc. Prof. Kamelia Stefanova and Assoc. Prof. Elissaveta Gourova
E-visibility of FMI research, Ass. Prof. Eliza Stefanova
Friday, 31 October 2008
9.00-10.30 Industry academia challenges for RTDI Strategy and action plan for FMI
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Kamelia Stefanova
The innovation policy in Bulgaria: trends and challenges, Assoc. Prof. Teodora Georgieva, ARC Fund
The technology transfer function - a challenge for Bulgarian Universities, Assoc. Prof. Lili Pavlova, BAS
Best practices for industry academia collaboration in ICT education, Prof. Ricardo Goncalves, UNINOVA, Portugal
Exploiting synergies with SMEs and the Public Administrations in Bolzano, Prof. Gabriela Dodero, University of Balzano
Best practices for e-collaboration in research environment, Mr. Lazarus Inepologlou, CERTH, Greece
10.30-11.15 Building Scenarios for FMI development
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Petko Ruskov
11.15-11.45 Coffee Break
11.45-13.00 Workshop conclusions and follow-up actions
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Kamelia Stefanova
Presentation of scenarios for FMI development
Discussion on action plan and RTDI strategy finalisation

For contacts and additional information:
Ellisaveta Gourova
CIST, SU St.Kl.Ohridski
Теl.: (02) 9713509; 9713543

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", FMI