DEMAND: DEsign, implementation and MANagement of telematics based Distance education

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Welcome to the home page of DEMAND project.
The Project is sponsored by Phare. 
Contract Number: ETF/98/VET/0003 

Project summary:  
The project "DEMAND: DEsign, implementation and MANagement of telematics based Distance education (an on-line course)" aims at developing a meta-level course for educational managers and practitioners at higher and further education level in order to be able to design and implement distance education courses using telematics. DEMAND itself will be implemented on the World Wide Web and will be delivered basically via the Internet. In settings for which this delivery option is not appropriate, an off-line version of the course will be offered.   

Project goals:  
The main goal of the DEMAND project is to facilitate the transition from traditional distance education to telematics based distance education by fully exploiting the already existing technological infrastructure in distance education centres and higher education institutions. To achieve this, DEMAND focuses on preparation of specialists, who are able to set up distance education programs and design, develop and deliver distance education courses using the Internet.  

Project sources:  
The following sources, among many others, will be used within the project: 
Collis, B. (1996) Tele-learning in a Digital World: The Future of Distance Education. International Thompson Computer Press. 
Van den Brande L. (1993) Flexible and distance learning, Chichester UK: Jon Willey. 
Nikolova, I., Collis B. (1997) Flexible Learning and Design of Instruction, BJET, vol. 28/4. 

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