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Project Summary

The REKS project addresses the overall strategic objective of Human Resources and Mobility activity: “to provide broad support for the development of abundant and dynamic world-class human resources in the European research system…”. It focuses on public recognition of researchers and the development of researchers' careers both, at national and regional levels in Bulgaria, and pays due attention to the participation of women in research.

The main goal of REKS project is to raise the awareness of Bulgarian society on the importance of researchers for building a knowledge economy and society in Bulgaria as part of the European ones.

In order to achieve the main goal, the following project objectives are defined:

  • to facilitate the dialogue between different stakeholders in the economy and the society on the importance of researchers and the respective policy needs;
  • to improve the appreciation of researchers' in society and by young people in particular;
  • to disseminate information regarding practical tools supporting the researchers career in Europe and in Bulgaria.

In order to meet the stated objectives and to reach wider Bulgarian audience, the project will be conducted by using multiple channels for information and awareness raising – information seminars in different cities in Bulgaria, special TV transmissions on Nova Televisia, interviews and publications in the mass media and a final national conference. A special survey on the state-of-the-art in researchers' profession will help to raise the awareness of policy making bodies and research administrations on some obstacles and good practices in the area, as well as to get a feedback from the public at large.

It is expected that the project activities will have a substantial impact on Regional and National levels, and a European added-value. The outcomes of the project will be as follows:

  • increased awareness of the general public and the businesses on the importance of research human resources for building the knowledge economy and society;
  • increased awareness on Bulgarian and Europe-wide initiatives related to researchers;
  • increased awareness on career and job opportunities for young scientists in Europe;
  • contribution to research human capacity building in the country ;
  • minimising weaknesses in research labour force and thus supporting the knowledge-based society in Bulgaria as part of the European one;
  • enhanced participation of Bulgarian researchers in the Marie Curie Actions, and other EU programmes related to human capacity building.
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