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Programme Delivery Options

The MSc. Programme is delivered in Bulgaria at the University of Sofia, Center for Information Society Technologies. For the year 2003 the Programme starts on 29th of September. The programme is delivered in two modes:

  • Face-to-Face weekend sessions, combined with self-study and self preparation during the week (the students who are not able to attend the weekend classes study entirely at the Distance through the Internet).
  • On- campus mode. (Face-to-Face sessions during the week)

This implies a study-load of 20 hours per week in total (8 hours of lectures and exercises plus 12 hours for self-study, working on home assignments, and electronic communication with the teachers and the web-based training materials). Studying the programme, the participant should have at his/her disposal a stable access to the Internet and e-mail in order to maintain regular contacts and to use all the materials that will be made available to the participants through the Internet both from Programme's web-sites at Sofia University and at University of Twente.

The nominal course duration of the Core Phase (the 6 core courses) in this mode of delivery is 9 months, from October 2003 to the first week of July 2004, with two weeks break at Christmas and New Year, and one week break at Easter.

The Specialisation Phase nominally starts on 8th of July 2004 and lasts (including the time for the Literature study) until Christmas 2004, with 3 weeks break in August. You may not formally begin the Specialisation Phase before the successful completion of the Core Phase.

The time from January to the end of June 2004 is devoted to the development of the Final Thesis, which is to be publicly presented and defended in June 2005 in front of a Graduation Committee, chaired by an academician from the University of Twente. There is a possibility for a second occasion for graduation in September 2005 for those who do not manage to present their Final Thesis in June. Thus the total duration of the programme is 21 months, including the breaks, and may be extended up to 24 months.

In case of necessity the programme could be extended up to 36 months without additional charge depending on the participant's learning situation.

Delivery of selected courses or parts of the Programme is also an option. In this case, participants choose to take either single courses or packages (one or more core courses in combination with one or more related specialisation courses). Upon successfully completing these courses or packages, the participant will receive certificates under the auspices of the Master's Programme.

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