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Application Process

To be considered for admission, applicants must submit a completed Programme Application Form along with:

  • a Curriculum Vitae that summarises educational career and working experience, and that also indicates that mathematics and statistics have been mastered at the level of a Bachelor's degree in social sciences;
  • a certified copy of a diploma that proves the required entry level for the Programme (minimal Bachelor's degree or equivalent in an academic field);
  • a statement of the applicant that comprehensively describes motivation to participate;
  • evidence that proves sufficient fluency in the English language (for example a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based TOEFL test or 213 on the computer-based TOEFL test) in the case of a non-English mother tongue;
  • letters of recommendation from two references, with addresses, including telephone numbers, fax numbers, or E-mail addresses.

Apart from these formal requirements, applicants need basic skills in computer use and should at least have practical experience in working with Windows 98/2000/XP or Windows NT. Participants who opt for the distance or mixed delivery mode need to have a multimedia computer at his or her disposal.

The Faculty reserves the right to decide whether an applicant's background is appropriate for admission to the programme.

The application form should be received by the programme Management preferably before 10 September (and certainly no later than the 20th of September, 2003) preceding the start of the Programme in October. Candidates will be notified of the Admission Committee's decision within two weeks after receipt of the application. For foreign candidates, acceptance is official only after the candidate meets the conditions for visiting the Bulgaria according to Bulgarian legal regulations.


The tuition (in Euro) for the on-campus or mixed-delivery modes of the Programme is 3,600 ( 900 per semester).

These fees are payable in advance, but may also be paid in two installments, with the Core Phase payment due prior to the start of the Programme, and the Specialisation Phase payment due prior to the start of the Specialisation Phase. Participants will receive timely invoices.

The tuition fee includes direct and personal counselling, (technical) assistance, an e-mail account, free access to Internet, the use of course materials, full access to the University of Sofia libraries, and use of the audio-visual and computer facilities in the Centre of Information Society Technologies.

Costs for delivery formats other than those of the described above mixed-delivery of the Programme are available on request.

The costs DO NOT include travel, insurance, accommodation, food, and other living and incidental expenses.

Note for foreign students:A basic budget for housing, food, and other elementary living expenses is estimated to require a minimum of Euro 300 per month.

The applicant is encouraged to look for fellowship options from appropriate institutions. In this case the MSc. Programme can give its recommendation support on the base of a judgement of the applicant's case.


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