The Department offers several MSc Programs:

  • Bio-medical Informatics (in Bulgarian only)
  • Distributed Systems & Mobile Technologies (in Bulgarian only)
  • E-learning, flaye (in Bulgarian only)
  • Artificial Intelligence - the basic aim of the programme is to give the students both theoretical knowledge in the field of AI and practical skills in applying the AI techniques in a wide range of IT areas.
  • Educational and Training Systems Design (International MSc Programme together with University of Twente, the Netherlands) offered in English internationally oriented program for persons who find themselves in a career situation where they are responsible for strategic responses to educational and training problems and challenges.
  • Information and Communication Technologies - the overall goal of the programme Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is to provide theoretical and practical expertise of informatics specialists for the efficient application of the modern ICT to problems arising in real-word organizational settings.
  • Management Information Systems (at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Sofia) ) - for graduates with Bachelor in Business Administration or Bachelor in Economics degree, with main aim to give systematic knowledge in the area of Information Technologies and their application as well as to improve the qualifications of managers to work in the changing Information Society.

Here all students interested at studying at the Department can find useful information about: